Tuesday, February 25, 2014

no word.


to love someone deeply gives u strength,
being love by someone give u courage.

one of my favaurite quotes.

to have what you want and to have what you love is what everybody wish for.
but sometime. we don't get it.
there must be a reason.
and we need to think wisely.
is it good for me if i have that?
is it i'll be happy with that.
or it is good for it to be part of me?

think think and think.
we don't really know what is the best and what fit us well.
only He know
n He know which one is really important for us.
which one is really good for us.
which one that we need to have.
which one that need to be and stay in our life.

for now. just pray. and hope that Allah will show.
what are the important things in our life.

notakaki: i do really need a courage.

Street Art, Penang


Today's entry will be talking about Street Art which can be found in Penang as it already becoming one of the must go place for traveler when going to Penang. 

Each of the arts are located few meter to each other and we will need to walk around the area finding the picture. For those who want to take a look at the street art by cycling, there are many bicycle rent service around there. The price is about RM10 per bicycle and it will cost RM20 for bicycle with two seater. You can choose different type and different size of bicycle ranging from small to largeeeeee.

Family do come and visit this Street Art  and I found them excitingly cycle here and there with their child. Beside the normal bicycle and also the two seater, there are different type of bicycle that can be rented. Bicycle with kid seat at the back. Bicycle with a big box with a chair inside it. Interestingly, this Street Art has become one of bicycle tourism in Malaysia. 

There are more than 20 arts can be found and you can find it based on a map that is usually given when you rent a bicycle. Some of the drawing is still new and some already a bit old.

Every time I come to this Street Art, there will be a new drawing on the street. Maybe the local try to improve and increase the number of drawing. or maybe the one who responsible to take care of it. me also dunno. :p

See how unique the way they decorate this divider i think. This rock is use to prevent any big vehicle from pass through the small road.

Let's enjoy the picture:

This art is one of the most famous and one of the earliest drawing in Street Art. It has a sentimental value and its own meaning.

See how the local people care about this Street Art. But still got some people who park their car in front of the drawing and make it difficult to snap a picture nicely.

This is my favorite art but unluckily none of my picture here is nice. T_T

If you zoom in this picture, you can see the four main road where the Street Art located.

Lebuh Armenian
Lebuh Chulia
Lebuh Ah Quee
Lebuh Muntri

How to go to Street Art?

for me the easiest way is by going straight to the Jetty or Pengkalan Raja Tun Uda. From the Jetty you can ask people nearby as the street art is just near there.

So do come and visit the Street Art and enjoy the art urself. :)
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