Friday, December 27, 2013

Korea trip: O'sulloc Tea Museum ~2nd day


welcome back and this post still talking about my trip to Jeju-do. 
so, from the Jeju Glass Castle, we were heading back to Tea Museum. 
Actually, from Jeju-si, we will found this Tea Museum first but we decided to go to the Jeju Glass Castle first as we want the picture to be nice. glass+sunlight. you know what i mean. :p

there is no entrance fee for this museum.

scenery from the highest level.

can you see our shadow. :p
Here, there will be a tea farm, a souvenir shop which sell many product of tea, a museum, and a drink and cake shop. Maybe you can take a walk first around the farm and go to the second or third or the balcony to see the view of the place. Then you can have a tea icecream and tea layer cake with any drink that you want before go to the souviner shop.

the scenery.
we are coming form the above, down to this Tea Museum (can see from the picture i put above). To go to the Jeju Glass Castle, from this road, just after Tea museum, there will be a junction (simpang 4) and you just need to turn right and go straight till you can see the Jeju Glass Castle on you right.

can see the people enjoying the weather.
Actually, there were lots of other museum that were located near this area. You can choose which one do you want to go and which one you did not want to go as most of them apply the entrance fee.

tea layer cake, tea icecream and tea milk maybe. forgot already. -_-'

before we start destroying them. see how excited tisu was.

the icecream was superyummylicious. for us. :)

again. superyummylicious.

super cutelicious. eh?

duta Tea Museum.

again. super cutelicious. haha

pergi korea tp baju i love NY.

oh super like this photo.

this one without me but with tisu.

people can decorate own cup based on own creativity.

creative way on how to deco a wall.

and we took the advantage of this lovely wall deco. tisu and his lovely cup girlfriend.

i do love this cup. it was really nice.
overall, the place is nice, the cake is nicer, the icecream is the best! for me maybe. :p

Next destination: 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Korea trip: Jeju Glass Castle ~2nd day


Banyak lagi hutang-hutang post yang masih tertangguh. hehe. Bila dah terlampau bnyak mula la rasa malas. kehkehkeh. 
jadinya kembali kepada cerita korea trip kita, so, on the second day we went to Jeju Glass Castle Museum.

actually, on the second day. as we stay in Yeha guesthouse, and we will travel to the south part of the Jeju-do on that day, we took taxi from guesthouse and took all our beg before we rent a car. We try to book a car as early as before we depart to Busan but unluckily none was left. so, at the end we decided to rent a car when arrived which is on the second day hoping that there is still a car to be rent. 

So, our first destination is the car rental station and it is just near the airport. and again the taxi will cost you for about 4,000KRW ++(forgot already. hik3). There are lots of company which offer you car rental services. but, again, as expected (as when we check online), most of the car being rent by others. Maybe because it is during peak seoson. maybe? :p. so, my advice is please do book the car online as early as possible before you reach there if you want to travel by car. you can look around for the car here. This company is one of the company that offer the car rental in Jeju-do.   

We search most of the car rental company there if there is still any car left to be rent. it is quite hard to communicate there because of the language barrier and it make our search tougher! our first trial end up with the one that we did not expect. they offer us to rent a mercedez. haaaaa. opppa. mana kami ada duet banyak tu. haha. The car will cost about 175,000KRW per day and we gonna rent for 3 days and total will be 525,000KRW! (RM1,575). That RM1.6k is half of my moneyyyyy :(. 

For sure we wont spend that much just for renting a car. Then, we sat on one bench, talking talking talking discuss discuss discuss and planning for plan B which mean we need to travel by bus or any public transport. So sad!. Till we meet this one ahjushi that was so nice and luckily he can understand english a bit. He try to help us finding a small car to be rent. so niceeeeee~. with the help from the ahjushi, lastly we manage to get a small car and its very nice and suitable for us! Yeay! try to imagine how big were our smile that time. :p
but still, the price is quite high if compare to the one that can get online. 75,000KRW per day for 24,000KRW per day(online).

kamsahamnida ahjushi! eh betul x ejaan ni? :p
once we settle all the payment, fill in the form, and put in all our thing, we start our journey to explore Jeju-do!

at first when i start using the KRW it is a bit awkward. imagine how i give 50,000KRW to pay something which is 50KRW. :p funny is it?

Mata driver separa bukak. concentrate sungguh.

Jeju city
Back to our Jeju Glass Castle, we move to the west and follow the GPS. it is really convenient as we only need to enter the phone number of the place that we want to go. So, first thing that you need to have when planning to go to any place is to search for its phone number.

Tisu dan submarinenya.

find Malaysia!
this Jeju Glass Castle Museum, as its name display things which made from glass. the entrance fee for this museum is 8,000KRW.

Mr Jack dan pokok kacangnya. 

Glass wall fish.

glass, glass, glass are everywhere. except me.

Simbolik Jeju yang diperbuat dari kaca

this whole town build from glass

kanak-kanak cacat

my dream car

which one?

see how terer am i? :p

typical pose. ;p


ayah kami

our boyfie

big boyfieee

last pose.
next destination: O'sulloc Tea Museum

p/s: sila abaikan my grammar error spellling error and all the error. hehe

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random feeling.


Terasa nak menulis tapi tak mampu nak tulis apa yang terbuku.
terlampau banyak yang nk dikongsi sampai x tahu mana yang patot tulis dulu mana yang kemudian.
Bila malam mula la otak ligat berfikir. fikir fikir dan fikir sampai pening. haha

Eh. dah bulan 12. eh. dah 2013. eh. dah nk masuk 2014.
eh kejap. umor dh berape eh.
19? eh bukannnn. tengok tangan kira-kira.
berape eh umor?

haaaaaaaahh?! 23 tahun dah. cepatnya masa berjalan.
lagi beberapa minggu dah 24 tahun. rasa mcm baru je maen pondok2 kat bawah pokok pelam
rasa macam baru je naek basikal pergi sekolah
rasa mcm baru je lari dr sek agama nak pergi training bola baling bola jaring. 
rasa macam baru je mak hantar masuk asrama sampai demam2.
rasa macam baru je abis spm.
rasa macam baru kenal kawan2 matrik.
rasa macam baru je sibuk2 belaja cara survive dekat u.

sekarang dah 23 tahun
dah habis belajar kat u pon. 
dah dapat degree pon.
dah besar pon

bosan2 online facebook.
scroll down scroll down.
eh. akak ni dah kawen la.
eh. kawan matrik dah kawen la
eh. kawan u dah kawen la.
eh. junior dah kawen la.
eh. tua sangat dah ke eh aku?

haha. saja tak dak kerja. nak mengada menulis merapu kat sini. motif nk kata yang diri sendiri dah tua. eh. bukan tua oke? matang. :p

every person have their own story kan. dan sekarang masing-masing dah mula mencari jalan masing-masing.
ada yang dah berkerja dan yang dah bergaji.
ada yang sambung belajar lagi gara-gara belum bosan belajar.
ada yang dah mendirikan rumah tangga
ada yang dah berkeluarga.
ada yang masih di takuk lama. eh yeke?

sedih. dan sedikit tak dapat menerima kenyataan. yang diri sendiri dah cukup besar. untuk buat keputusan sendiri. untuk berdiri atas kaki sendiri. untuk berfikir mana yang terbaek untuk diri sendiri.

tapi. walaupun saya dah besar.
mak abah, kakak masih perlukan mak dan abah! im still mak and abah little girl. :) i do love both of you much.
nana, emi, dan ijan, kakak masih sayang hampa even gado-gado manja berebut barang dulu-dulu. even ijan kedekut berkira dgn kakak. even nana suka bebel-bebel. even emi lagi comel dari kakak. i do love my sibslings much!
dan semua yang pernah wujud atau masih wujud dalam hidup saya. i do appreciate your existence in my life.

even sekarang apa yang kita ada is better than what we have before. please. jangan pernah lupa apa yang kita pernah ada.

Oh. Tak lupa juga selamat pengantin baru untuk kawan baik saya. Fana dan Hazim. Semoga bahagia dan sentiasa bahagia. bila saya nak kawin? Oh insyallah kalau ada jodoh umur panjang kawin lah nnt. Tapi bukan sekarang. Masih ada tanggungjawab yang belum selesai. J tapi. Sapa yang tak nak kawin kan? :p 

mesti penat asyik baca tulisan tulisan huruf huruf abjad kan?
nah tgok gambar saya yang comel dan cantik. :p

my favourite flower. :)

till meet again. bye.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Korea trip: Yeha Guesthouse, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea


Now i'm going to share about one of the best place to stay in Jeju-do, South Korea for backpakers. To be specific, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea. Actually Jeju-do consist of few part which are the Jeju-si and Seogwipo-si if i'm not mistaken and from my understanding. Another one small part is Jugmun, but for me i divided this Jeju-do into two part. haha. suka hati ja. lalalaaa~~

So during our trip to Jeju-do, we spend 3 days of our trip in Yeha Guesthouse, on the first day, fourth and fifth day. Our trip in Jeju-do start with Jeju-si (north area of Jeju-do) then we go to the west area, the south area (Seogwipo-si) and stay there for about two days. From the south, we move to the East and back to the North (Jeju-si).

For the first day we stay at this Yeha guesthouse as it is nearest to the Jeju International Airport. It tooks about 5 minutes by car or by taxi. The taxi from the airport to Yeha Guesthouse will cost about 4300-4500krw. You can just simply give the phone number of the Yeha Guesthouse or show your confirmation e-mail from Yeha Guesthouse as there is a note for taxi driver there. So convenient right?

Actually there are two buildings of this Yeha Guesthouse. Yeha Guesthuose Jeju Terminal and Yeha Guesthouse Jeju City Hall. For me, i choose the Jeju Terminal as the dorm is attached with the toilet. :D
As a backpakers, we try to reduce the budget as minimum as possible and at the same time mesti lah nak selesa kan. :D All the rooms are attached with the toilet but then for dorm only Jeju Terminal had a dorm with attached toilet. So choose wisely when you are booking.

Second reason why i'm choosing this guesthouse is sebab diorang sediakan peralatan memasak dan untuk muslim, they have special set which is locked in the cabinet and will only be open when you told them that you are a muslim. Disebabkan agak susah untuk mencari makanan yang halal disana, and even seafood kalau x yakin, we have other alternative which is by cooking own food. The staff there are very nice and friendly. and even help to give suggestion on Halal restaurant which we can go around there.

the reception desk

relax area where can eat and cook. can also online to get information. also get free international call.

the kitchen area, the sink and all the plate, mug etc2. the one with the lock is the muslim one.

free breakfast. 

the wall. full with the guest picture

a board where you can paste yours. can found few ringgit malaysia there.

the stairs where someone get injured himself . 

dorm for 6

attached with toilet
So overall the guesthouse is suitable for muslim traveller especially backpakers. the rate is quite reasonable, 19000krw per day. and the facilities also nice. The staff again are very nice. and friendly. they really help us when we have problem. Especially when one of my friends injured himself. and luckily he is there. helping clean the cut and stop the bleeding. He also good in cook and they way he serve the food pon very niceeee~~. Boleh jatuh hati. wink2 *_*

Jadi, bagi mana-mana backpakers yang nk ke Jeju, boleh la book guesthouse ni. they also have guesthouse in Busan and Seoul. the link can be found on the same website. till meet again.

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