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Korea trip: Yeha Guesthouse, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea


Now i'm going to share about one of the best place to stay in Jeju-do, South Korea for backpakers. To be specific, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea. Actually Jeju-do consist of few part which are the Jeju-si and Seogwipo-si if i'm not mistaken and from my understanding. Another one small part is Jugmun, but for me i divided this Jeju-do into two part. haha. suka hati ja. lalalaaa~~

So during our trip to Jeju-do, we spend 3 days of our trip in Yeha Guesthouse, on the first day, fourth and fifth day. Our trip in Jeju-do start with Jeju-si (north area of Jeju-do) then we go to the west area, the south area (Seogwipo-si) and stay there for about two days. From the south, we move to the East and back to the North (Jeju-si).

For the first day we stay at this Yeha guesthouse as it is nearest to the Jeju International Airport. It tooks about 5 minutes by car or by taxi. The taxi from the airport to Yeha Guesthouse will cost about 4300-4500krw. You can just simply give the phone number of the Yeha Guesthouse or show your confirmation e-mail from Yeha Guesthouse as there is a note for taxi driver there. So convenient right?

Actually there are two buildings of this Yeha Guesthouse. Yeha Guesthuose Jeju Terminal and Yeha Guesthouse Jeju City Hall. For me, i choose the Jeju Terminal as the dorm is attached with the toilet. :D
As a backpakers, we try to reduce the budget as minimum as possible and at the same time mesti lah nak selesa kan. :D All the rooms are attached with the toilet but then for dorm only Jeju Terminal had a dorm with attached toilet. So choose wisely when you are booking.

Second reason why i'm choosing this guesthouse is sebab diorang sediakan peralatan memasak dan untuk muslim, they have special set which is locked in the cabinet and will only be open when you told them that you are a muslim. Disebabkan agak susah untuk mencari makanan yang halal disana, and even seafood kalau x yakin, we have other alternative which is by cooking own food. The staff there are very nice and friendly. and even help to give suggestion on Halal restaurant which we can go around there.

the reception desk

relax area where can eat and cook. can also online to get information. also get free international call.

the kitchen area, the sink and all the plate, mug etc2. the one with the lock is the muslim one.

free breakfast. 

the wall. full with the guest picture

a board where you can paste yours. can found few ringgit malaysia there.

the stairs where someone get injured himself . 

dorm for 6

attached with toilet
So overall the guesthouse is suitable for muslim traveller especially backpakers. the rate is quite reasonable, 19000krw per day. and the facilities also nice. The staff again are very nice. and friendly. they really help us when we have problem. Especially when one of my friends injured himself. and luckily he is there. helping clean the cut and stop the bleeding. He also good in cook and they way he serve the food pon very niceeee~~. Boleh jatuh hati. wink2 *_*

Jadi, bagi mana-mana backpakers yang nk ke Jeju, boleh la book guesthouse ni. they also have guesthouse in Busan and Seoul. the link can be found on the same website. till meet again.


Korea trip: Travel day ~1st day



welcome back and again we are talking about Korea Trip!
So on the 3rd October 2013, was our flight to Busan, South Korea.

A day before pergi lots of work was coming. And i settled everything, inform my supervisor, print all those important things and document such as guesthouse booking details and confirmation, boarding pass for all international and domestic flight, and most important thing is PASPORT! Kebetulan pasport Fana is with me, so I'm a bit worried if I left it in my room. then both x dpt pergi. haha. menagis x berlagu la jwbnya.

As now i'm living in Penang, so i need to travel to KL first.
My flight to KL is about 11.15 pm, but then it delayed to 12.15 am if i'm not mistaken. haha. lupaaa~~
Thanks a lot to Pakcik aka Crab for sending me to airport and for the treat as well. Thanks pakcik!

Jadinya, i'm arrived at the LCCT about 1 am early in the morning and it was my first flight. A bit scared. haha. Plus jakun kata org utagha. Muahahaha
Our flight to Busan will be on 8.30 am in the morning and i have few hour left. Need to wait and stay there.
Again, a bit scared, but thanks to Incik Azwan sebab temankan saya! yeay!
Actually for those yang terpaksa stay kat LCCT for next flight (during night), you all don't have to be scared as they are a lot of people also staying there waiting for their flight.
sangat tersangat teramat sangat lah ramai. sampai x de space nak duduk.
and unfortunately, the Surau there is closed during night and will only be opened for Subuh prayer.
So me and Incik Azwan just spending time, berbual-bual, makan, berbual-bual, makan.
Sorry awak terpaksa teman kite. hik3.
Tisu came as early as 4.30 am thinking that our flight to Busan is at 7.30 am. Kesian Tisu, kerja lewat malam sangat. haaa
Then just before Subuh, Fana and Hazim also arrived.

Curik dari Incik Azwan

In the morning, after Subuh prayer, we had breakfast and then it's time for boarding.
We say good bye to both Hazim and Azwan, then entering the boarding gate.

Our flight depart on time, 8.30 am. It was a quite long journey for me actually as this is my first time travelling to place outside Malaysia. It tooks us about 6 hours and a bit bored in there. Playing games, bersembng dgn Fana and Tisu but most of the time sleeping. In the flight we were given a form, blue form to be filled which need to pass once we enter the arriving hall i think. haha. again. lupa~~

here are the blue form.

aktiviti in flight
We arrived Busan at about 3.45 pm dan dari flight kami dibawa ke pintu masuk ketibaan dengan menaiki bas. I do respect the staff there. How they do their work which cannot be found in Malaysia.

in the shutle bus from the flight to the arrival hall

Gimhae Airport (Busan, South Korea)
Jadinya, Gimhae airport is the name for Busan airport. and there, got two building actually which separate the Domestic and the International Terminal. In between both terminal got a station for the train(metro) and the public transport is easily access.

map of the Gimhae international airport dengan ehsan google

Tisu kuat :p

this is where the metro come and go. in between both the terminal

y sana adalah international terminal and we are on the domestic terminal. kan nk ke Jeju. :P

Oh ya, sesampainya di sana, pemeriksaan emegresen, dan sesi mengambil luggage, kami terus ke Domestic terminal. Disana kami terus ke kaunter drop luggage bagi memudahkan urusan kami berehat2 dan meninjau2 kawasan airport tersebut. muahahaha.

Disebabkan flight ke Jeju adalah pada pukul 7.20 pm dan kami masih ada masa beberapa jam, kami mengambil masa tersebut untuk solat zohor dan asar. Diingatkan, sila bawa botol air didalam beg anda bagi memudahkan urusan-urusan di tandas. Seusai solat, kami mengambil kesempatan untuk meninjau-ninjau kawasan airport. First kedai y kami masuk is 7eleven. haha. Dan teruja terjumpa nasi segera yang hanya perlu masak di dalam microwave dan sedia untuk dimakan. Terus borong sorg dua bekas. (nmpak tak keterujaannya kat situ?)
Kenapa p 7eleven? haaaa. mungkin boleh tanya TISU! haha. Baby boy.

the instant rice that we found

Dan in between masa tu jugaklah kami berjalan ambik gambr yang kat atas. hik3
Disebabkan Maghrib masuk awal dan masih ada masa yang mencukupi, kami solat Maghrib dan Isya' sebelum berlepas  ke Jeju.

waiting for the flight to Jeju

In the Jeju Air
Sesampainya di Jeju, we took our luggage, then straight to the taxi area, took a taxi to Yeha Guesthouse. The taxi cost us about 4300krw again if i'm not mistaken. We check in and eat our late dinner, discussing on tomorrow plan before go to sleep.

Metro map for Busan

Metro map for Busan with exact location

Gud nite~~

Till meet again in next entry.


next: Jeju Glass Castle

Dream trip. Korea Trip Itinerary

assalamualaikum. welcome back to me.

haaa. terlalu la lama dah tak menulis.
rasa2nye since final sem beberapa bulan yang lepas.
got few things happen, few things change and still also got some did not change.
haha. pelik la kan kalau semua benda nk berubah.

so last month. which is on early october, my friends and i went for a trip.
haaaa. a trip. two weeks trip. which can consider as toooooo long. :D

this was my first trip keluar dari malaysia.
and it was planned few few few months ago.
if not mistaken since april. which is few days after my bufday.
nak pergi mane? haaaa.
our destination was South Korea. teeettttttt!!

at first its like ajak-ajak ayam.
but end up as a trip. haha.
all thanks to TISU.

so nak dijadikan cerita, kami beli tiket on that april.
disebabkan tiket tue y promosi punya. kami dpt RM 438 return.
and our flight is from Kuala Lumpur to Busan.

we plan to be there for about 2 weeks, in exact it will be 12 days which is from 3rd october 2013 till 14 october 2013. quite looooonggg trip rite? :)
so our first and first thing that we settle is about the plan. Tentatif program la lebih kurang.
where we will be going, where we will be stay and so on.
dipendekkan cerita. we decide to go to Jeju first direct from Busan and then Seoul and lastly back to Busan and take our flight to KL.

                                         KL > Busan > Jeju > Seoul > Busan > KL

We will be staying for about 5 days in Jeju, then another 5 days in Seoul before going to Busan and back to Kuala Lumpur.

Here i list out our travel itinerary for this trip:

3rd October 2013
  1. Flight KL - Busan (AirAsia X)
  2. Flight Busan - Jeju (Jeju Air)
  3. Check in at Yeha Guesthouse
4th October 2013
  1. Check out from Yeha Guesthouse
  2. Rent a car
  3. Jeju Glass Castle Museum
  4. O'sulloc Tea Museum
  5. Southernmost Marado Submarine
  6. Check in Goodstay Namguk Hotel
  7. Songaksan Mountain

5th October 2013

  1. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
  2. Cheonjeyeon Waterfall
  3. Ripley’s believe it or not museum
  4. Teddy Bear museum
  5. Jusangjeolidae cliff
  6. Southernmost Marado jet boat
6th October 2013
  1. Check out Goodstay Namguk Hotel
  2. Seongsan Sunrise Peak
  3. Trick and Art Museum Jeju
  4. Jeju Mini land
  5. Seongeup Folk Village
  6. Check in Yeha guesthouse
7th October
  1. Return rental car
  2. Hallim Park
  3. Hyeopjae Beach
  4. Jeju city
8th October 2013
  1. Check out Yeha guesthouse
  2. Flight Jeju - Gimpo
  3. Annam
  4. Sotong pedas
  5. Myeongdong
  6. Namsan Tower
9th October 2013
  1. Everland
  2. Nasi goreng sotong ( nama bgi sendiri :p)
10th October 2013
  1. Namdaemun
11th October 2013
  1. Cheonggyecheon Stream
  2. Dongdaemun
  3. Myeongdong
  4. Itaewon
12th October 2013
  1. Nami Island
13th October 2013
  1. Seoul - Busan (Bus)
  2. Hyeundae Beach
14th October 2013
  1. Flight Busan - KL
haaaa. jadi itu lah plan for our trip and it is actually a second plan where at first we all nk stay kat Jeju just for 4 days but then extend to 5 days sbb takut x cukup masa nk explore Jeju.

Tapi, at the end menyesal sbb x cukup masa y spend dekat Seoul. In Jeju we travel by car and it is more convenient to be compare to public transport sbb boleh cover bnyak tempat dan most of the place mmg terletak di tempat yang sgt tersorok. Contoh : Trick and art museum.

Jadinya, kesimpulan yang dapat dibuat is if go to Jeju and you are a natural lover, then you should rent a car and travel either from north to west to south to east or vice versa. 3 to 4 days will be enough to cover most of it if again you travel by car. If travel by bus or any other public transport maybe can only cover about 2 -3 places per day. So plan you trip wisely. :D

For seoul trip, yeah most of the time we are using public transport as there are a lot and easy to access. :D
As we are a shopaholic, except tisu. eh. ke tisu pon included? jadinya mungkin 5 days in Seoul x cukup. (sebenarnya dah cukup lama dh tu :p) We manage to go to all of the market tapiiii...

maklumla kan. perempuan bila bershopping. hua3. bagi seminggu pon x cukup. hik3. :D

oh oh, rasanya dah panjang. and i need time to recall back my memory. Maklum la dah dua bulan lepas. Nama2 tempat pon dah lupa. Jadinya i'll update each of the place in next entry.

Till meet again~~


eh2. bg gambar sekeping dua.

Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, Jeju-do, South Korea

Together with a friendly Korean family

It's Gangnam! me Tisu and Sinchan which are my school mates

Tripmates! Fana, me and Tisu. 

ups. It's me. :p
next: First day
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