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Korea trip: Jeju Glass Castle ~2nd day


Banyak lagi hutang-hutang post yang masih tertangguh. hehe. Bila dah terlampau bnyak mula la rasa malas. kehkehkeh. 
jadinya kembali kepada cerita korea trip kita, so, on the second day we went to Jeju Glass Castle Museum.

actually, on the second day. as we stay in Yeha guesthouse, and we will travel to the south part of the Jeju-do on that day, we took taxi from guesthouse and took all our beg before we rent a car. We try to book a car as early as before we depart to Busan but unluckily none was left. so, at the end we decided to rent a car when arrived which is on the second day hoping that there is still a car to be rent. 

So, our first destination is the car rental station and it is just near the airport. and again the taxi will cost you for about 4,000KRW ++(forgot already. hik3). There are lots of company which offer you car rental services. but, again, as expected (as when we check online), most of the car being rent by others. Maybe because it is during peak seoson. maybe? :p. so, my advice is please do book the car online as early as possible before you reach there if you want to travel by car. you can look around for the car here. This company is one of the company that offer the car rental in Jeju-do.   

We search most of the car rental company there if there is still any car left to be rent. it is quite hard to communicate there because of the language barrier and it make our search tougher! our first trial end up with the one that we did not expect. they offer us to rent a mercedez. haaaaa. opppa. mana kami ada duet banyak tu. haha. The car will cost about 175,000KRW per day and we gonna rent for 3 days and total will be 525,000KRW! (RM1,575). That RM1.6k is half of my moneyyyyy :(. 

For sure we wont spend that much just for renting a car. Then, we sat on one bench, talking talking talking discuss discuss discuss and planning for plan B which mean we need to travel by bus or any public transport. So sad!. Till we meet this one ahjushi that was so nice and luckily he can understand english a bit. He try to help us finding a small car to be rent. so niceeeeee~. with the help from the ahjushi, lastly we manage to get a small car and its very nice and suitable for us! Yeay! try to imagine how big were our smile that time. :p
but still, the price is quite high if compare to the one that can get online. 75,000KRW per day for 24,000KRW per day(online).

kamsahamnida ahjushi! eh betul x ejaan ni? :p
once we settle all the payment, fill in the form, and put in all our thing, we start our journey to explore Jeju-do!

at first when i start using the KRW it is a bit awkward. imagine how i give 50,000KRW to pay something which is 50KRW. :p funny is it?

Mata driver separa bukak. concentrate sungguh.

Jeju city
Back to our Jeju Glass Castle, we move to the west and follow the GPS. it is really convenient as we only need to enter the phone number of the place that we want to go. So, first thing that you need to have when planning to go to any place is to search for its phone number.

Tisu dan submarinenya.

find Malaysia!
this Jeju Glass Castle Museum, as its name display things which made from glass. the entrance fee for this museum is 8,000KRW.

Mr Jack dan pokok kacangnya. 

Glass wall fish.

glass, glass, glass are everywhere. except me.

Simbolik Jeju yang diperbuat dari kaca

this whole town build from glass

kanak-kanak cacat

my dream car

which one?

see how terer am i? :p

typical pose. ;p


ayah kami

our boyfie

big boyfieee

last pose.
next destination: O'sulloc Tea Museum

p/s: sila abaikan my grammar error spellling error and all the error. hehe

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