Friday, December 27, 2013

Korea trip: O'sulloc Tea Museum ~2nd day


welcome back and this post still talking about my trip to Jeju-do. 
so, from the Jeju Glass Castle, we were heading back to Tea Museum. 
Actually, from Jeju-si, we will found this Tea Museum first but we decided to go to the Jeju Glass Castle first as we want the picture to be nice. glass+sunlight. you know what i mean. :p

there is no entrance fee for this museum.

scenery from the highest level.

can you see our shadow. :p
Here, there will be a tea farm, a souvenir shop which sell many product of tea, a museum, and a drink and cake shop. Maybe you can take a walk first around the farm and go to the second or third or the balcony to see the view of the place. Then you can have a tea icecream and tea layer cake with any drink that you want before go to the souviner shop.

the scenery.
we are coming form the above, down to this Tea Museum (can see from the picture i put above). To go to the Jeju Glass Castle, from this road, just after Tea museum, there will be a junction (simpang 4) and you just need to turn right and go straight till you can see the Jeju Glass Castle on you right.

can see the people enjoying the weather.
Actually, there were lots of other museum that were located near this area. You can choose which one do you want to go and which one you did not want to go as most of them apply the entrance fee.

tea layer cake, tea icecream and tea milk maybe. forgot already. -_-'

before we start destroying them. see how excited tisu was.

the icecream was superyummylicious. for us. :)

again. superyummylicious.

super cutelicious. eh?

duta Tea Museum.

again. super cutelicious. haha

pergi korea tp baju i love NY.

oh super like this photo.

this one without me but with tisu.

people can decorate own cup based on own creativity.

creative way on how to deco a wall.

and we took the advantage of this lovely wall deco. tisu and his lovely cup girlfriend.

i do love this cup. it was really nice.
overall, the place is nice, the cake is nicer, the icecream is the best! for me maybe. :p

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