Monday, July 7, 2014

Korea trip: Southernmost Marado Submarine and Songaksan Mountain ~2nd day


First day
Jeju Glass Castle
O'sulloc Tea Museum

its been really awkward to start writing back after few months i left this blog.
but will try my best. :p maklum lah. hampir setahun and having short term memory make it worst.

so we continue on the last trip, after O'sulloc Tea Museum, where we enjoy eating green tea icecream and the swiss roll cake which is very delicious, we decided to do other activities beside walking, and eating. Tisu want to try riding the submarine so there we go.

from the Tea Museum, the submarine is not too far and you can enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. like what we can see in drama like Secret Garden when the hero bring the heroine into the dark cloud with heavy rain. haha. cannot really remember the scene. but seriously i fall in love with the scenery. you can clearly see the sea from the road. soooo nice.

if you are driving there, just simply enter the phone number and it will lead you to the submarine. the entrance fee quite expensive but why not give a try when you already there rite? :)

songaksan mountain. :)

one of the place running man do their mission. 

from the jetty, we were brought to the submarine by boat and we can see all of this beautiful scenery. there we were meet with friendly ahjumma. they talk about us in hangul (maap kalauu guna term yang salah) and me who dunno anything just smile as wide as i can. haha. luckily my friend understand a bit. and and and. thanks ahjumma. we are not that pretty by the way. blush3.

me who having motion sickeness trying to smile. 

this is the only picture inside the submarine that i left in my folder. the rest missing dunno where including the fish picture. biane~~

so after the underwater trip, we check in into hotel and take a look around seogwipo-si watching the sunset and the sea. the breezeee is so fresh. me is missing that moment again. T_T

next destination: Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and Cheonjeyeon Waterfall
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